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Weddings are emotional days, which makes remembering loved ones who couldn’t be there just that much more difficult. Here are 10 different ways to remember someone you love who passed away before your wedding.

1. Pendant w/photo tied to the bridal bouquet.

Probably one of the most common ways to remember a loved one on the bride’s side of the family is with a pendant displaying a picture of the person that is tied with a piece of ribbon the bridal bouquet.

2. Pendant or pendants on a chain bracelet.

Another interesting option is a chain bracelet that can be worn all day or part of the day, whichever the bride prefers.

3. Pendant attached to pin holding groom’s boutonniere.

If the groom wishes to memorialize someone a nice option is a custom boutonniere pin with a pendant welded onto it.

4. Patch sewn onto bridal dress with name.

I’ve seen this a few times at weddings. Usually, the patch is a heart with a name sewn into the center of it which is then sewn onto the dress with a loose stitch.

5. Patch sewn into inside of groom’s suit (if suit is owned).

An interesting option for the groom if they own their suit is to have a patch sewn onto the inside liner of the jacket with the name of the person, they’re memorializing on it.

6. Photograph in frame held by surviving spouse or relative during family photos.

What I’ve seen with this option is that the bride or groom’s surviving parent will hold the photo of the other parent who passed away before the wedding.

7. Prayer or statement during ceremony regarding family who passed.

This is one of the simplest ways to remember a loved one and that is simply to have the priest or wedding officiant make a statement about the person who is being remembered during the ceremony.

8. Side table at reception with photos and flowers of family who have passed.

I honestly see this at almost every wedding I photograph, and this is a table with pictures of the various people in the Bride and Grooms life that have passed on that they’d like people to remember on their wedding day.

9. Toast by bride, groom, mom, or dad mentioning passed family members.

One great option is for the Mom or Dad who lost their spouse to say a word about what it would have meant to the person being remembered if they could have been there for the wedding day.

10. Photo board with family pictures on it including memorials.

A more upbeat option is the customized photo wall with pictures arranged in a spontaneous fashion and sometimes including sheets of paper with notes about the people in the pictures and what they meant to the bride or groom.

Hope that helps you come up with a way to memorialize the loved ones you wish could have been at your wedding day.

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