Shawn Kenessey, lead photographer at Kenessey Studios

Photo by Kate Boelhauf

This Is Kenessey Studios

We are professional wedding photographers based out of St. Louis, MO.


History is told through words, but it is felt through pictures. A picture can tell us so much more about a moment or a person than words can ever describe. When you share your wedding photos with your children, and someday your grandchildren, you will see that connection being made as they smile and ask you a thousand and one questions about your wedding day. I remember doing that with my Mom and Dad as a kid. It was comforting to see the happy moments that led to me and my sister. These are the ideas I keep in mind at every wedding I photograph. For me it's about more than just taking a photograph but about sharing who you are with your future family.

My Style

My style of photography is a little different from the norm. I love capturing the moments but I truly want to make all the couples I shoot look exceptional. I tend to put an emphasis on creating poses especially during engagement sessions.

Customer Service

Our customer service is second to none. From our no-nonsense rescheduling policy to our commitment to your satisfaction everything we do is geared toward making sure you are thrilled with your photos!

Your Input Is Respected

Not only will I consider your input and ideas for your photography, I look forward to it. A little direction will not only give me a style to aim for, but it will give me a little insight into who you are and how I try to represent you.

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