That’s me, Shawn.

Photo by Kate Boelhauf

About Shawn Kenessey Studios

I am a professional wedding photographer based out of St. Louis, MO.

My Photos

The photos on this website were taken by me using the same camera, lenses, and lighting gear that will be used at your wedding. Over time gear gets upgraded or changed but, you can expect at least the same level of picture quality at your wedding.


Wedding photography costs a significant amount of money, but having your own personal photographers follow you and your family around for an entire day is pretty cool right? Plus, the photos I take will become cherished memories for you in the future. While I definitely have a flare for the dramatic and the magical on a wedding day, I also look for those emotional moments, ultimately, a wedding is about love and I hope to capture that so you will always have those memories.

My Style

If the venue or location makes dramatic shots possible, that is what I go for. I try to achieve similar results from wedding to wedding, but each venue definitely has its own vibe and sometimes that requires an adjustment in style which I will make when required. I will also take input on certain kinds of shots you might want, but unless told otherwise I will make all the required decisions for the style of photography on your wedding day.

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