Our Favorite St. Louis Area Wedding Venues

World’s Fair Pavilion in Forest Park

Many people don’t know that you can rent out the World’s Fair Pavilion in Forest Park but it is a great spot with a great view from the top of a large hill. And there are many popular wedding photo locations nearby in Forest Park.

Piper Palm House in Tower Grove Park

A great venue for small to medium sized weddings there is no shortage of amazing locations in and immediately around the Palm House in Tower Grove. If you manage to get there on the correct day in early to mid spring you can catch all the flowering plants in bloom which is always a treat!

NEO on Locust

Located in St. Louis proper this venue’s rooftop views provide ample photo opportunities, and the large open reception spaces would be great for medium to large sized weddings. Valet parking is another added benefit for you and your guests.

Brookdale Farms

I like this venue quite a bit and I think there are plenty of opportunities for amazing photos right on their expansive property. At one wedding right after sunset a fog rolled in and gave use some epic photos! This is a nice secluded spot located about 30 minutes west of St. Louis in Eureka MO.

Schwarz Barn

Located in Highland IL, if you’ve got some country in you this location is pretty unique and also has some cool photo opportunities. I’ve shot here a few times so I know it well!

Windows on Washington

There are a ton of venues in St. Louis City that are all kind of similar. They tend to be the old exposed brick and converted industrial look and this is one I have shot at a few times that is in that style. I thought the pictures I got here came out great so I recommend it!

The Old Stone Chapel

Located right by the historic downtown of Old St. Charles, The Old Stone Chapel is a nice totally self-contained venue with a dedicated ceremony area and reception hall. The ceremony room features a vaulted wooden ceiling but is a little small so most likely only some of your guests will be able to attend the actual ceremony.