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In July 2021, Jennifer & Brandyn had an amazing wedding day at the WOW Event Center in Alton Illinois.

The WOW Event Center surprised me with how nicely decorated it was. There’s definitely a lot to work with from a photography perspective, although it is a bit dark, so using flash was a must for me. And the couple was awesome, everybody worked together, and I think we were able to get so many amazing shots at this wedding!

If you’ve been to the Alton area you know there is no shortage of interesting photography spots, particularly if you like that “small town” aesthetic. There are great photo spots all around Alton, interesting old buildings, cliffside views of the river, brick roads, and more. I’ve gone back since and scouted it out a bit. There is definitely some interesting stuff there, hopefully I’ll get a chance to shoot in Alton again soon!

It was a great day for a great couple, and everything went smoothly from my perspective. Check it out in pictures below:

I love how this detail shot came out:

Seeing your bride walk down the aisle can be a teary-eyed moment for many grooms…

Portraits went smoothly and simply. The bride had picked out this interesting location down by the river, that always makes things easier!

I really like this venue from a photography perspective. Despite some challenges I feel like I got some really cool looking photos, especially these first dance shots:

After that, all that was really left to do was eat, drink, and be merry!

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

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