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The Michelle & Adam Wedding Story is one of love, and humor! It was great seeing them and their closest friends and loved ones having such a good time on their wedding day.

Travelling to Illinois is always an interesting experience. Driving there is the same every time, long roads with not a whole lot to see except farm land and small towns that feel distinctly different from the St. Louis area. The thing that stands out about Illinois weddings is that it’s almost always a party.

And that’s fine by me, I love getting photos of everyone having fun, it’s always a good time, and a good challenge to try and capture the excitement in photos.

All in all it was a great day and a great wedding for this couple, check it out below:

After some celebratory drinks everyone went back inside to get dressed.

In no time at all we were loaded up and heading to a park in Aviston IL for the ceremony…

Then we did some celebratory bar hopping and had a portrait session.

Finally the reception and a whole lot of fun times to remember!

It’s great when guests get on the dance floor, seriously! Don’t be shy or worried that you’ll look silly, all anyone really cares about is whether you are enjoying yourself, plus, its a surprisingly good workout…

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

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