The Experience

We offer a variety of packages and add-ons that go beyond the typical wedding photography experience to allow you to create a uniquely personalized approach to your wedding photography. Inquire with us here to learn more about the customized photography experiences we offer.

Below you will find the general order of events that we try to follow for each of our wedding photography customers.

Order of Events

Wedding preparations begin...
  • Initial Consultation

    The initial consultation is when we will discuss the available plans and options for your wedding day. You’ll have the chance to ask any questions you have, discuss your vision for your wedding photography and get to know us. We have a flexible approach to our consultations and can do them in person, on the phone or via zoom depending on your preference.

  • Reserve Your Wedding Day

    After your initial consultation we will have you sign an online contract and provide a 30% retainer to lock in your wedding day. Immediately after that, you can check getting an awesome wedding photographer off your wedding to-do list… 🙂

  • Engagement Session

    After receiving your deposit we will get you scheduled for your 1-2 hour engagement session. We recommend scheduling your engagement session at least 6-12 months ahead of your actual wedding date.

  • Wedding Day Scheduling

    During your wedding planning you can contact us at ANY time to ask us about your wedding day. Just email me directly: and I will do my best to help! About 1-3 months before your wedding, when things are more settled, we will have a phone call to officially plan things like the portrait locations you would like to visit for wedding party shots and the reception schedule. If you have any special photography requests we can talk about those at this time and get them on our todo list for your wedding day.

  • Final Payment

    Leading up to your wedding day we require payment for our photography services to be made in full before your wedding day. Full payment can be made at any time after signing the wedding contract but we allow full payment to be deferred until 2 weeks before your wedding date.

  • The Wedding Day!

    Finally, your wedding day has arrived. It is a day of celebrating and sharing your newfound love and happiness with the people you care about in the world. And we will be there documenting it every step of the way! We offer our congratulations and our sincere best wishes for you and your new family.

  • Next Day Social Media Package

    We know how excited you will be to share your wedding day with your friends and family.  As part of your package, you will receive 6 social media ready images the day after your wedding. 

  • Proofing Your Photos

    Within 1-2 months after your wedding day we will provide links at which you can proof the photos we selected for editing in addition to a further list of all the photos from your wedding.

  • Delivery Of Your Photos

    Within 3-4 months your final prints, albums, and other deliverables will be mailed to you. Additionally, your full selection of photos will be available to you on our website where you can select and order prints for up to 2 years after your wedding date. You can choose to extend this time period by purchasing extended server storage time of 10 years of digital availability on our webservers.

Congrats, now it's off to your honeymoon!